Competence Center for Distributed Grid Computing Infrastructures

Competence Center for Distributed Grid Computing Infrastructures

The main objective of the PLGrid Core project is further, significant extension of the PL-Grid Infrastructure computing resources, especially in ACC Cyfronet AGH, as a specialized competence centre in the field of distributed computing infrastructures, with particular emphasis on grid technologies, cloud computing and platforms supporting computations on big data.

As a result of work carried out in PLGrid Core, a great computing power and huge storage for digital data will be offered to users. Moreover, they will obtain access to a set of basic services allowing for easier integration of their solutions, specific to the selected fields of science, with the PL-Grid Infrastructure. These services will include:

  • uniform access to distributed data,
  • a Platform as a Service (PaaS) Cloud for scientists, in which different domain-specific computing environments will be available in the PaaS model to the end-users, enabling flexible scalability and more efficient use of the IT infrastructure,
  • applications maintenance environment of MapReduce type, facilitating computations using BigData paradigm.

In addition, a set of end-user services will be developed within PLGrid Core, including: technologies and environments implementing the Open Science paradigm, a computing environment for interactive processing of scientific data, a platform for development and execution of large-scale applications organized in a workflow, a tool enabling automatic selection of scientific literature, and an environment supporting data farming mass computations.

We would be very grateful for your opinions. If you are using our ideas or tools, please cite appropriate papers from the list of Publications related to PLGrid Core.

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PLGrid Core Posters and Flyers

Negative feedback based simulations of bio-systems (2014) (PDF ) J. Wach, M. Bubak, L. Konieczny, I. Roterman-Konieczna; poster presented during CGW Workshop'14 ; 27-29 October, 2014, Krakow, Poland.

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