Personalised Decision Support for Heart Valve Disease

Personalised Decision Support for Heart Valve Disease

EurValve will implement, test and validate a modelling based decision support system (DSS) for aortic and mitral valve diseases that allows simulating, comparing and understanding the effects (outcomes) and risks of different treatment strategies. In addition, the DSS will improve knowledge of disease mechanisms by applying a holistic assessment of cardiovascular function that includes haemodynamic data at all cardiovascular compartments (ventricle, valve, vessels) and multiscale components that couple organ with cell function. The Cyfronet AGH team is responsile for elaboration of the Model Execution Environment, in particular:

  • To develop and provide the necessary infrastructure to:
    • Collect, represent, annotate and publish core homogeneous data
    • Store and give secure access to the participating clinical centres and to the development partners to the necessary data
    • Execute the models in the most appropriate computational environment (private workstation, private cloud, public cloud) according to needs Support real-time multiscale visualisation.
  • To develop an integrated security system supporting:
    • Authentication and authorisation
    • Data encryption for secure processing in public clouds
  • To deploy and operate the developed infrastructure, ensuring:
    • Quality of software components deployed and installed
    • Quality of service, including such aspects as availability, responsiveness and cost efficiency

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