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DIstributed Computing Environments (DICE) Team
We are a group of computer scientists and IT experts from the Department of Computer Science AGH and ACC Cyfronet AGH. We are a curiosity- and research-driven team, specializing in large-scale distributed computing, HPC, Web and Cloud technologies. We develop new methods, tools and environments and we apply these solutions in e-Science, healthcare and industrial domains.

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Rimrock - Robust Remote Process Controller

The rimrock_logo.pngRimrock application simplifies the way how you can interact with the remote servers. It allows to execute application in a batch mode or start an interactive application, where  application output can be fetched online and new input can be sent using a simple REST interface. What is more, by using a dedicated REST interface you will be able to start a new job in the infrastructure. You don't need to care about the way how to create a correct job description using JDL (Job Description Language) – just pass the command you want to execute and we will do the rest.



Source code (closed repository, if you need access please contact us)


Publications related to Rimrock

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Rimrock Presentations

  • D. Harężlak, T. Gubała, W. Płonka, M. Kasztelnik, M. Pawlik, B. Wilk, M. Bubak: PLG-Data and Rimrock Services as Building Blocks for Domain Applications: SCIGRESS Use Case (presentation, poster), KU KDM'17, 9-10.03.2017, Zakopane, Poland



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