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DIstributed Computing Environments (DICE) Team
We are a group of computer scientists and IT experts from the Department of Computer Science AGH and ACC Cyfronet AGH. We are a curiosity- and research-driven team, specializing in large-scale distributed computing, HPC, Web and Cloud technologies. We develop new methods, tools and environments and we apply these solutions in e-Science, healthcare and industrial domains.

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datanetlogo.pngDataNet enables lightweight metadata and data management in applications exploiting high-performance computing (HPC) resources. It allows to create ad-hoc data models and deploy them as actionable repositories with easy access restriction configuration and accessibility which is programming language neutral by using REST-like approach for data recording and retrieval. DataNet data models comprise structured data which is typical for SQL database storage scenarios, as well as, files which are well-suited for storing unstructured data. DataNet ensures scalability by using one of the available PaaS platforms combined with storage sites provided by HPC to implement the storage backend.


Publications related to DataNet

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DataNet Presentations

D, Harężlak, M. Kasztelnik, M. Pawlik, B. Wilk, M. Bubak: Lightweight Metadata and Data Management with DataNet, March 2014


DataNet Posters and Flyers

datanet-general-poster-v1_sDataNet - GridSpace Data Management Framework (PDF: A4), March 2014.

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