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DIstributed Computing Environments (DICE) Team
We are a group of computer scientists and IT experts from the Department of Computer Science AGH and ACC Cyfronet AGH. We are a curiosity- and research-driven team, specializing in large-scale distributed computing, HPC, Web and Cloud technologies. We develop new methods, tools and environments and we apply these solutions in e-Science, healthcare and industrial domains.

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Publications related to UrbanFlood


  • W. Funika, K. Mazurek, and W. Kruczkowski: A scalable, hierarchical, agent-based application for executing bag-of-tasks with EC2, Computer Science AGH Quarterly, 2013, ISSN 1508-2806 (submitted)

  • B. Baliś, T. Grabiec, M. Bubak: Query Construction over Scientific Data Sets using Semantic Technologies. In: Proceedings of the eScience 2012 Conference (2012)

  • B. Baliś, T. Bartyński, G. Dyk, T. Gubała, M. Kasztelnik and M. Bubak: A Framework for Early Warning Systems. In: Proceedings of the eScience 2012 Conference (2012)


  • V. V. Krzhizhanovskaya, G. S. Shirshov, N. B. Melnikova, R. G. Belleman, F. I. Rusadi, B. J. Broekhuijsen, B. P. Gouldby, J. Lhomme, B. Balis, M. Bubak, A. L. Pyayt, I. I. Mokhov, A. V. Ozhigin, B. Lang, R.J. Meijer: Flood early warning system: design, implementation and computational modules. In: Procedia Computer Science 4, pp. 106-115. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science ICCS 2011 (2011)


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