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DIstributed Computing Environments (DICE) Team
We are a group of computer scientists and IT experts from the Department of Computer Science AGH and ACC Cyfronet AGH. We are a curiosity- and research-driven team, specializing in large-scale distributed computing, HPC, Web and Cloud technologies. We develop new methods, tools and environments and we apply these solutions in e-Science, healthcare and industrial domains.

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Sano (2019-2026)

Project details

logo_sanoFullname: Sano Centre for Computational Personalised Medicine - International Research Foundation
Short name: Sano Centre for Computational Medicine
Duration: From 1.08.2019 to 31.07.2026
Grant number: 857533

Sano Centre, created in Kraków, Poland, in the framework of Teaming for Excellence Phase 2 action, as well as the FNP International Research Agendas competition and with a financial support from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, will be a major driver for European advancement in rapidly growing field of computational medicine, developing sophisticated engineering methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and meeting the overarching worldwide need for radically streamlined healthcare systems.

The Sano's area of operation will be computational medicine:

  • clinician-led activity can be radically reduced by migrating the majority of routine clinical assessments toward computationally-driven,
  • entirely new approaches to disease diagnosis and management follow the development of novel computed biomarkers of disease, personalised to the individual patient, and typically leading to dramatically reduced costs.

The Sano Centre will combine expertise in machine-learning based decision science with fundamental biomarker identification using advanced simulation and data analysis methods.

The Centre will act as a core technology provider for industry, fostering modernisation, innovation and increasing productivity, and additionally it will act as a catalyst, attracting new investment and businesses. It will provide an essential link between computational, medical sciences and the industrial sector, thus fostering knowledge and technology transfer and accelerating innovation.

The Centre is to be established in Kraków because of several local advantages with regard to the education and research infrastructure, the high concentration of research hospitals and a dynamic entrepreneurial community in life sciences, so being embedded in a highly dynamic and competitive ecosystem.

The Centre will provide a fully sustainable mix of three advanced technical services, loosely categorised as education, project participation and industrial product development, with these three strands ultimately contributing approximately equally to the Centre’s income stream.


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