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DIstributed Computing Environments (DICE) Team
We are a group of computer scientists and IT experts from the Department of Computer Science AGH and ACC Cyfronet AGH. We are a curiosity- and research-driven team, specializing in large-scale distributed computing, HPC, Web and Cloud technologies. We develop new methods, tools and environments and we apply these solutions in e-Science, healthcare and industrial domains.

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MAD Administrator Manual

MAD (Multiscale Application Designer) is a web application built on top of the Java Servlet API and to run it needs a servlet container (e.g. Tomcat) and a remote data repository of models (MaMe repository). The installation of MaMe is described in a separate manual. Here we will set up MAD and configure it to use an external instance of the repository.


MAD Installation

In order to successfully set up MAD, you need a working servlet container. Here, we will use Tomcat in a Linux environment.

  1. Install Java 7 SDK on your host machine. You can obtain the package from .
  2. Download a Tomcat 7 package from .
  3. Unpack the Tomcat package to the final location.
  4. Download the latest MAD web archive from and place it in the $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps directory.
  5. Start the Tomcat container by running $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/ .


MAD Configuration

After the MAD application is run for the first time, it needs to be configured to use the external MaMe repository and EW runtime. This can be accomplished by editing the file located in the WEB-INF/classes folder in the web application's folder. The contents of the file is the following:

MAME_MODELS_POSTFIX = /models_list?client=rest
MAME_XMML_REPOSITORY_EXPERIMENT_CONTENT_POSTFIX = /experiment_content/${experimentId}?client=rest

The values in the curly brackets should be updated according to the existing infrastructure. After the configuration is updated, MAD application should be restarted and after that it is ready to be used.

Copyright owner of Multiscale Application Designer is DIstributed Computing Environments (DICE) Team who makes it available to public under open source MIT license .

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